A Mary Berry Beginning…?

I am going to be embarking on this journey as soon as I get the ingredients and decide what it is that I shall be doing!

My first thoughts are to try something classic from one of Mary Berry’s recipes, because really, how could you ever go wrong with one of her recipes? I currently only own one of her books (Baking with Mary Berry), and I’ve been debating on what recipe to try of hers. Naturally, I’d like to try something classic and something that’s relatively simple. The two that I’m stuck on are:

  • Devon Scones
  • Victoria Layer Cake

These both come with challenges as I’ve never made scones from scratch (I’ve only ever used a mix) and I’ve never seen a Victoria Layer Cake except on the Great British Bake Off (GBBO). I have attempted sponges in the past for Swiss Rolls (which were a complete disaster as I’ve never had a sponge before) and this involves two of them, and jam, and cream.

Based on the list of ingredients and potential complexity, I think I shall start with Devon Scones! I shall post pictures and describe my process in my next post.

Enjoy your day!

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