Mini Victoria Sponges with Strawberry Jam

Hey Everyone!

So with my latest foray into the bucket list, I made mini victoria sponges (one of Mary Berry’s Recipes). I also made homemade strawberry jam (which counts as my filling/decorating part of the weekly goal!) which I had never made before.

The one thing that I noticed about this recipe is that it is INCREDIBLY messy, I mean, my entire kitchen looks like a bomb went off because there are so many dirty dishes from all of the different components. Maybe it’s just the way I went about the baking that caused it, but I’ll have to do another test run to know for sure.


Anyway, I started off with making the jam. I had originally wanted to do raspberry, but after being lazy and not wanting to run to the grocery store, I opted for strawberry instead. It was fairly simple make the jam, and a lot easier than I anticipated. I used frozen strawberries and then I added a bit of lemon peel (from the jar) to add a bit of tartness to the flavor since it was much too sweet upon the first taste. I let it set while I focused on the sponges.


The recipe that I used suggested adding all of the ingredients together (which was odd since it’s technically a sponge, but I went with it) and then I put the batter into cupcake trays and baked them for about 10-15 minutes.


I did overfill the first batch and they exploded in the oven, but they were baked to perfection otherwise. I then made some whipped cream, and even added some powdered sugar to make it a bit sweeter (which I don’t normally do).

Lastly, I assembled my cakes and I even piped the cream! I’m not very good at it yet, but I still felt accomplished.


Despite the mess of my kitchen, I really liked this recipe! It’s absolutely delicious and it was easier to make than I expected. Definitely will try it again!

Enjoy your day!





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