Tangerine Tart

Hello Everyone!

Well yesterday (and today as well), I definitely tried something I’ve never made before. I decided to go with a Tangerine Tart, which actually turned into a Clementine Tart because I couldn’t find any tangerines at the store when I went.

Now, I had all of the ingredients this time (a miracle as I’m usually unprepared), but I decided to opt out of the type of dough that the recipe originally asked for. The recipe came from the Bake From Scratch magazine (of which I am a huge fan), and it asked for a basil macadamia dough. Now, normally I would try it in a heartbeat, however I unfortunately don’t have a food processor and my mother has allergies. That led me to search for a different dough. I found one that was on savorynothings.com. She actually had it with a recipe for a spiced tangerine tart (definitely something I’m going to try soon). It was decidedly perfect and I went ahead with it.

I began by creating the dough, which was surprisingly enjoyable. I really expected it to be a disaster, especially after I had issues with the brioche roll last week. However, it was almost relaxing. Now, that’s definitely not to say that I completed it without difficulty. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s me. And I have absolutely no grace.

So the problem with this dough is that it’s more flaky and sticky than I was anticipating. I could not for the life of me figure out how to roll it out without it sticking to the table or the rolling pin (which I actually managed to find! Hooray!!) And then suddenly, I pictured a scene from the Great British Bake Off where Martha talks about rolling the dough out onto some cling wrap. I tried rolling the dough out that way and as if a miracle, it rolled out and I was able to put it into the pie tin! Thank you Martha! (and yes, I may have watched that season on Netflix a few times– or maybe more than a few, I’ll never tell).

Now, the next downside is that I have long nails. Little did I know that they would pop holes through the dough as I tried to push it into the tin. This should have been obvious, however I wasn’t really anticipating it until it happened. At least I know now and will make sure to keep my nails shorter when I make pies or tarts in the future.

Next, I created the filling, which was really easy to make and it made my kitchen smell magnificent. It was mostly clementines zested and juiced along with basil, sugar, egg, flour, milk, and a bit of sour cream. It came out tasting more like a creamsicle than what I had anticipated. I think that’s due to the sour cream, but it is definitely still delicious. It does take a bit of time to make because you have to zest the clementines and juice them, and you also have to let the juice sit out after simmering it with the basil for about 15 minutes.

So, the unfortunate part about the pastry was that I may have burned it a tiny bit.. and it turned out probably tougher than it should have been because I re-rolled it about 5 times before I was able to get it into the tin.

The final step was to make the whipped cream topping while the tart chilled in the fridge to set. I thought it was a bit unusual because it used brown sugar and a bit of salt. I tried it the way that the recipe suggested and it was AWFUL. Oh I will never again put salt in whipped cream. I remade it without the salt and it turned out much better.

Overall, I liked this bake. It’s tasty and I even attempted some piping in the end! I also feel like I learned a lot, especially when it comes to pastry. Next time I’ll definitely have to pay a bit more attention to how long I leave it in the oven for.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day!

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