Banana Bread

Hey Everyone!

Last night I made banana bread! I know it’s not a super exciting recipe, but we had frozen bananas that needed to be made into something, so I went with it.

I used to have banana bread pretty regularly when I was little. My mother used to enlist my help in making it as well. But, thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve actually made one since I was about 12. Nevertheless it was a long time coming and it turned out wonderfully.

This was one of the most relaxing bakes I’ve had in a long time and I really enjoyed that. I also knew exactly how it should look and taste (which was a relief as well since I almost NEVER have an idea on anything) so that helped with the relaxation as well.

The only real issue that I had was with the frozen bananas. I’ve never used frozen ones before for banana bread, but I figured it wouldn’t be too different compared to overripe ones. However, I was terribly wrong. Now, I know the skin turns back when they hit the freezer, but what I didn’t anticipate was the horror of taking off the skin… After it had defrosted, the skin became almost slimy and trying to get the banana out of it was absolutely revolting. Why didn’t I anticipate this beforehand? Because I apparently don’t use my brain.

After the emotional scarring of the black banana skin, I did run into one more issue: the bananas were apparently not as defrosted as I had thought. Therefore, the butter, egg, and sugar mixture became a bit frozen and it was a bit difficult to mix everything together. However the bake still turned out like I had expected.

I really enjoyed this bake and I’ll definitely try it again in the future, perhaps with a slightly different recipe (and only with overripe bananas)!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day!

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