Spiced Crumb Cake

Hi Everyone!

So last night I made Bake From Scratch’s Spiced Crumb Cake. I was really excited about this bake because I LOVE crumb cakes. I’d never actually made one before, but I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult.

This one is a relatively complex cake recipe, mostly due to the way you need to mix in the ingredients as well as the number of ingredients in the cake. However, I pressed on enthusiastically. Perhaps too enthusiastically because I ended up destroying my kitchen (as I have extraordinary skill when it comes to spilling things). I will admit that it smelled AMAZING as I was mixing the dry ingredients together. The recipe calls for nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon — all of which I love, but I began to feel as if there wasn’t quite enough spice in the cake (as I love a well spiced cake). I disregarded this thought and continued on with the baking.

The blunder that I had regarded the crumb topping. I should have made this first, as it needed to go on top of the cake before it went into the oven. I however, made it after the cake was already baking. I put it on the top after the cake had been in the oven for about 10 minutes, and I figured it wouldn’t be an issue.

The big question is: was I completely wrong in putting it on at this point?

This question intrigues me to no end because I had an issue with how long the cake actually needed to bake for. Was it the cake itself that was too moist? Was my oven temperature wrong? Was it the crumb topping that made the cake seem super wet? I really have no idea. This recipe did add more moist ingredients like buttermilk and sour cream, but I’ve never had a cake that took about 50 minutes to bake. To be honest, I’m still not completely sure it’s cooked.

The crumb topping did eventually become crispy, yet when I poked the cake, the fork still came out with a bit of a smear (I typically use forks to test the cake rather than toothpicks when I bake for myself). I am a bit concerned about it, but I still ate a slice nevertheless.

Now, the taste of the cake was… not nearly as spiced as I wanted it to be. It seemed to be hesitantly spiced by someone who is afraid of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. Color me disappointed, Bake From Scratch… (and I really should have gone with my gut). If I were to make the recipe again, I’d probably add a lot more cinnamon and cloves (which I love in pretty much anything) just to give it a bit more of a zing. The crumb topping would also need a bit more spice.

All in all, I’m kinda “meh” on this recipe. I might try a different spice cake in the future to figure out the correct bake on the cake, but I’m not sure if I’d do this recipe again.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day!

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