My name is Katie and I’ve always loved to bake. I have started this project in the hopes that 1) I bake more often and 2) I become a better baker.

I started baking when I was about 4 years old and normally it was just the pre-made mixes, but I enjoyed it a lot. As I’ve gotten older I’ve started experimenting and used a few websites that have helped a lot with creating new and more interesting flavors. And then Netflix posted the Great British Baking Show (actually known as the Great British Bake Off or GBBO in the UK) and I have become utterly obsessed. I’ve probably watched the season with Martha, Chetna, Luis, and Nancy at least 20 times (although they recently added 2 more season, which are amazing as well).

The one problem with discovering GBBO is that I feel utterly incompetent. And out of that incompetence came this project. I want to be a better baker. Thus it all begins…